Growing a Digital, Green Biceps

Since 2011 digital marketing is my key skill and passion. It is always a pleasure generating measurable results for a brand and business.  After initially educating myself and collecting practical experience in leading digital marketing for Celebrity Fitness and Tauzia Hotel Group (Part of Ascott)  and speaking in front of 1100 people at about the digital muscles and how we can build them, I more and more thought about that we should build them for good causes mainly. Generating sales, leads in an economic way is fun in terms of helping companies . For me as environmental activist I want to use theses digital muscles – because I do not have too many real ones – for good. 

It started 2015 when I showed my family Indonesia. Full of proud I showed the limitless beauty of the wonderland Indonesia. Then I came to the 2nd beach which was full of waste and plastic. My proud with broken, but my mission was born to clean it up. 

Now it is the challenge to connecting digitization, health and sustainability in a meaningful efficient way. 

 I want to bring and develop digital technologies to Germany and Indonesia and vice verca that uploft the existing optimization potential to bring more efficient procedures and resource savings. This “digitalization” should be used as a tool as service for health and sustainability. 

It is my mission now to show the potential of positive effects for companies and institutions seeing sustainable digitization as chance for growth, cost saving and long-term increased revenue. 

Lets do this together and contact me if you want to be part of it. Lets change the world with technology for social impact and lets, as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in September 2021 said in Cologne, TERMINATE POLLUTION. 

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Frederik Neust a Social Entrepreneur, Environmentalist and Digital Marketing Expert that loves Indonesia.