7 Reasons to believe in Indonesia

In 2014 I traveled most south-east-asian countries. After a crazy coincidence that I will further explain in my book this year, I landed in Indonesia. I just had it once in real life but indeed, it was love at the first sight. Not in Bali like many others but Jakarta.



The main reason is People. Coming from a country where people just smile when they make a headstand, Germany, it was nothing but warm to see people always smiling and having this positive energy. I even do not have it in my hometown but mostly I have more trust to Indonesian strangers than to others. Especially the young generation when I met them whilst working for a company where inspiring and proved to me: The people are the reason i want to live here. 

2. Limitless Talent


Whilst being engaged in business and entertainment i noticed this vast amount of talent that is hidden in people. A doctor that is photographer that sings better than the winner of German idol? have. A young boy explaining me about science and renewable energy? Have. 

If this talent is nurtured in the right way. the potnetial is indeed LIMITLESS and indonesia will become one of the biggest powerhouses. 

 3. Most beautiful environment


Travelling to Indonesia is like travelling to more countries inside each other. The more I see, the more I am shocked that this country was not travelled yet by all of my friends. From the hills of Medan to the Vulcanos of Ende. This beauty seems not to end.

4. Digital front runner


Instagram Analytics have shown that Jakarta is the capital of digital. It was not just the most tagged Location in Instagram stories. A vast amount of Unicorns,

including Tokopedia, Gojek und newly Xendit have proven its front runner position that may even soon overtake Germany ?

5. Economic growth


The economic growth of Indonesia GDP wise may not look yet very strong and the pandemic hit the country hard. But indonesia is projected to bounce back again to a 5% growth rate in 2022.

6. Social Footprint


The World Giving Index (WGI) proves that Indonesia is the most generous, social  country in the world, despite having many people living in lower living standards. I experienced it by myself that even the not so fortunate are willing to give and to volunteer.I am sure that all the good deeds Indonesia does will one time pay back.

7. There are endless more reasons


For all you do not believe in it still I made a video of 12 hours listing thousands of reasons to love and support Indonesia. 

Feel free to travel to Indonesia and see me

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Frederik Neust a Social Entrepreneur, Environmentalist and Digital Marketing Expert that loves Indonesia.